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Clare uses her extensive knowledge and experience to help artists explore different ways to collaborate and bring creative visions to life.

Rehabilitation and Voice Therapy

As a singer, Clare understands the importance of solidifying technique while also ensuring singers are free from pain or other obstacles that may be affecting their performance. She offers rehabilitation and voice therapy through the practices of yoga, singing, and physiotherapy. By examining a singer's posture, breath, and alignment, she can help them habilitate their body in a way that is not invasive and improve their singing technique. She helps singers identify the underlying causes of any pain or anxiety and creates a personalized plan to address them.


Clare's love for connecting people and collaborating across various disciplines such as music, dance, audio-visual, and experimental arts makes her an ideal partner for creative projects. With expertise in audio-visual projectsthat range from electronic music, dance, sculpture, and more, Clare can offer project direction and provide unique ideas. For those who need help getting started on a creative project or require guidance for a specific aspect of a project, Clare can provide the creative inspiration needed to bring the project to life. With her experience and expertise, Clare is available to listen, offer guidance, and support artists every step of the way.

If you're interested, get in touch here to start creating something unique and impactful together with Clare. 

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